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I wrote and presented a lot of stuff about interactivity and "user experience" back in the mid-80's. Some of it was actually insightful - and even relevant to issues that we deal with today. I've captured some of those bygone thoughts here.

Topical Insights

John Vaughan & Bill Porter (1983)

Interactive Videodisk screenshots

Proposed Routing Schema

Videotex International '85 Conference Proceedings cover

Graphics:  Early Digital Interaction Symbols

Graphics:  More than Meets the Eye

Graphics:  ALUIC

Graphics:  Early Videotex Screens

Presentation Standards

TCS Talking Points (1983)


The Elemental Database

Videotex '83 Conference


Usability Standards

Applications Level User Interface Committee of the VIA (1983)


Design Perspective

Open letter to IP / SO Committee of the VIA (1983)


Interactive Architecture

Videotex `84 Conference

Videotex Graphics '84 Disc Conference


Application Protocol

Applications Level User Interface Committee of the VIA (1984)


The New Synthesis

Videotex '85 Conference


The Power of NAPLPS

Videotex International '85


Beyond Videotex

Electronic Imaging '85


More than Meets the Eye

National Online Meeting (1987)

Packaging the Message

Videotex `82 Online Conference


Computer Graphics & Advertising

Pratt Center For Continuing Education


An Introduction to Videotex

Artists Talk On Art


Programming for Design

Visual Communications


Graphics To Go

Computer Graphics '85 (NCGA)


The State of the Artist

Videotex '86 Online Conference


Software Applications

Computer Graphics '86 (NCGA)


Graphics in the Office

Format '86


Producing for Point of Sale

Public Access Video Systems


Graphics as Marketing Tools

Interactive Applications in Consumer Education & Point of Purchase Marketing


Device Independent Graphics Go Online

International Conference on Databases in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Context : The Wayback Machine

As one of the first UX practitioners in the marketplace, I was often called upon to speak, write and advocate about this newfangled technology. It was that exciting moment of early innovation, Before We Called it the Web. During this time:

Interesting times...

For a little context, This was what was happening in the interactive arena around that time: