The Communication Studio


Here's some of the referential and explanatory "stuff" I've produced. It's interesting (to me, at least) to realize how many ideas persist over time.

This was one of the more complex and challenging "information architecture" engagements.

I saved some of my observations about the process of creating and managing one of the first community-run cable channels in the US.

We licensed our TCS Textup Context Management System to CitiBank to use as the primary production utility for a multi-client internal portal. We set up, trained and supported Citibank personnel so that they could maintain the information system themselves.

As an undergrduate junior in 1970 I taught a course in the Experimental College at Tufts University.

TCS Software Manuals

The TextUp Workstation lets you quickly edit graphically sophisticated pages through a simple Template and Clip Art-driven design tool. It's a rudimentary meta-information tagging system that provides annotation, templating and an English-language-y user interface that allows a person with basic secretarial skills to easily update graphically sophisticated pages safely and quickly.

This is the guide for that person with those basic secretarial skills.

This a graphics screen creation system that allows you to dynamically add metadata tags to the design elements as you create a page. This was to be the "next step" for the TextUp suite of productivity tools - integrating the template design, graphics creation, and annotation (tagging) process all "under the hood"

This software page generator engine takes a "bare bones" simple text file, automatically reformats the data in it into graphic templates, and stores the result under a new filename. In many ways, Otto may be viewed simply as an automated version of TextUp.

This billboard manager lets you create, edit and present a group graphicically-sophisticated pages as an automated -or manually-controlled - "slideshow" that can be displayed on any computergraphic device.

EDNA (EDit NAplps)

This technical tool displays the underlying code of a NAPLPS computergraphic file with referential annotation - Also allows simple editing. It was our first and most fundamental design tool. Because - once you have a code dis-assembler it also means that you have a code re-assembler.