The Communication Studio


You can view CSS as merely a way of applying a "coat of paint" to the UI, but that misses the point, because...

Architecture and Styling are linked

... at least in our minds. Thus, our understanding and description of information are often based on

Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.

William of Occam

Intelligent Design

Content Integration

CSS is the "semantic tagging" tool by which we identify Information Architecture.

  • it gives meaning to design elements
  • allowing for "self awareness", automation and sharing

IA gives weight and credibility to Cascading Stylesheets.

Context Management

CSS is the "presentational styling" tool by which we engineer a CSS StyleGuide.

  • it is a flexible presentation platform
  • allows for easy personalization and a customized view

CSS gives expression and traction to Information Architecture.

UxP is the infrastructure of information at the point of presentation

The Data-Driven Environment

CSS/HTML structure

Meaningful content integration

CMS systems

Business Intelligence engines

...the importance of "Plays well with others"

Data Ownership

My perspective view of information content is not just defined for me, it is defined by me.

Who owns my information?

How am I not a publisher?

The Semantic Web

The vocabulary of meaning. ..

Content Integration through Context Management