The Communication Studio


Creating a successful media entity means collecting adequate resources and getting them to work together effectively. Good process is synthesis of business, technical and creative cultures:

Design leadership enables success

It's often called System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).


UxP records, interprets and communicates the vision

The UxP pactitioner attends the initial client meetings and actively articulates the customer's perspective on the site.
Scope the deliverables
Do discovery
Identify customer needs


UxP defines the site environment.
Work with the Business Analyst to produce customer satisfaction
Work with the Technical Lead to identify Shared Data Entities
Work with the Creative Director to define Look & Feel


UxP contributes immediate feedback

Specify the User Interface Infrastructure
Supervise the Graphic Artists to produce the Graphical Components
Ensure user self-help and self-service


UxP maintains a dynamic infrastructure

Liase regularly with the project stakeholders
Champion usability testing and client acceptance
Work with the Site Developers to identify Software Components