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The UxP Role

UxP is ubiquitous. UX has evolved from being perceived as a superficial "nice to have" to a core necessity that resonates across all levels of the organization.

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UxP fulfills several roles

We have to build awareness across the entire company that interaction design is a realm that requires professional skills, and that interactive products cannot just be engineered, but must also be designed in order to succeed in the open market.

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Our Role in Design

At the most granular "nuts-and-bolts" level, we provide best practices, continuity, standards, design models workflow efficiency, responsiveness, branding.

We do ease of use, as well as ease of maintenance.

Our Role in the Team

When stakeholders say "What's your process?", they often want to know How can you make UX part of how we do things? The focus is on Integration within the team's culture. It's often a balancing act between responsiveness and guideance.

The baseline is to get things under control.

Our Role in the Enterprise

At the level of the organization we provide advocacy, expertise, and insight at a high level. The focus is to build a service-oriented, customer-centric infrastructure.

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This is Multi-Dimensional UX