The Communication Studio

Team Roles

This is a high-level outline of the relationship among the members of the project team, specifically in the context of the User Experience Practice (UxP). Both the roles and the job titles are approximate, but you'll probably recognize most of them.

Working together


Product Manager

Defines "what" features the product contains

Subject matter expertise, deliverables


Defines needs, product criteria and tasks to be performed from the client and customer perspective

Customer needs, Profiles, Personas, workflow

Market Specialist

Determines and maintains product/service perspective within the defined market segment

Market expertise


Project Development Manager

Organizes, plans, controls and leads Development Team in rendering the product

Project Plan, Deadlines

Business Analyst

Defines "what" the product accomplishes and represents the business stakeholder perspective.

Business Requirements, Use Cases, Permissions

Interaction Design Architect

Defines the look-and-feel "how" of the product design and represents the "outside-in" perspective.

Functional & Design Specifications, Stylesheets, Templates


Technical Architect

Defines the technical "how" of the product design and represents the "inside-out" perspective.

Technical & System Specifications



Quality Assurance Manager

Plans, executes and controls all product quality assurance activities


Systems Integration & Configuration Manager

Oversees product integration and changes over the development cycle

Change Management


Customer Support

Outreach to end-users with relevant training, documentation, packaging and implementation

Helpdesk, Roll-out