The Communication Studio


Designing a superior product is only part of the formula for a successful roll-out. Getting customers and stakeholders to “buy in” to the new design is critical. 

The primary challenges are marketing the service, overcoming inertia (resistance to change) and getting useful feedback.


Challenge : Overcoming Inertia

“Change” is often perceived as a problem.  Here are some of the different types of change-related issues that we face in rolling out our services.

Focal Areas
Stakeholder Buy-in

Get the critical “movers and shakers” on board.


  • Articulate the value proposition (make it tasty).
  • Provide guidance (make it easy).
  • Get commitment.

Office Startup

Install the service for the first time in an office

Introduce a whole office full of people to the service.  Localized focus.

  • Articulate the implications for the office
  • Group training

New Users

A new employee joins an office.

Individualized focus

  • One-on-one training

Service Upgrade

Existing customers get new features & functionality across the board.

May be a “Global” effort. Leverage corporate-level resources.

  • Identify & explain new features.