The Communication Studio


Health projects vary across the full range of this market segment, including advertising and health program support. They often have a focus on personas and very targeted "calls to action".

"John's genius lies in asking the right questions. 'Who are your audiences? What are their needs?' Left to our own devices, we no doubt would have just slapped some lipstick on our website and called it redesigned, but because he encouraged us to take our time in the planning process, we eventually realized it needed so much more than a facelift. John, of course, knew this already but like, the best teachers do, waited patiently for us to come around. Once we did, we started thinking more strategically and, as a result, developed a website that serves the needs of our audiences while remaining true to our unique brand of activism."

Brittany Herrick, Program Coordinator, HealthGAP

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Strategic guidance focusing on content management and strategy for this AIDS advocacy group. More analysis and evangelism than design. Helped them 'get organized' and develop their information management tools.

Zana Africa

This was a real case study in functional design for a non-profit advocacy group focusing on women's health issues. The keyword was process.


In early 2013 the VA invited the public to submit design solutions to improve the usability of the standard health information form, which was - admittedly - hard to use.

Grey Group (Pradaxa)

Brought onboard by ad agency Grey Group to lead UX for their pharma client Pradaxa. Delivered UX analysis, design recommendations, and demosite solution models for legacy website, mobile site, unbranded site, and co-pay calculator. Education of creatives in mobile UI and advocacy were a big part of the agenda.

United Healthcare

Advertising agency Rosetta turned to us when they needed someone to guide their content strategy in redesigning Employer, Broker and Member websites for United Healthcare.

Lead-Free Kids (Merkley)

Merkley +Partners (also our agency client in 2008) asked us to guide their redesign this public-facing self-service health site, a partnership between the EPA and the Ad Council. We simplified the UI, spoke to the target audience (Moms), gave it a social networking edge, and focused on immediate “calls to action”.

Grey Advertising

Diet giant Slim-Fast needed to redesign their consumer website. I helped online ad agency Grey Interactive to put together the structure of their "new look", oriented towards "ease of use", self service and building a strong customer relationship.


In 1982 pharmaceutical giant Merck, Sharp & Dohme explored the possibility of providing information about drugs via simple interactive terminals that would provide immediate medical information access at the doctor's desk and in the waiting room.