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B2B engagements tend to have a complex, business-focused workflow that focuses on client needs. They often involve "white label" rebranding and portal issues.

“John is a brilliant, living example of a person with outstanding creative skills matched with unparalleled technical knowledge. Cutting-edge thinking and skillful execution are routine parts of his framework.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Jim Conaghan, Director, Marketing Products Development, Newspaper Association of America

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Usability analysis and design for a suite of business solution products oriented to the commercial transportation (trucking) industry. This has been a very fully-featured engagement, involving strategy, assessment, process, and design.


Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) offers a suite of financial management products which are marketed as "private label" services to be used by Blue Chip financial clients.

United Healthcare

Advertising agency Rosetta turned to us when they needed someone to guide their content strategy in redesigning Employer, Broker and Member websites for United Healthcare.

Information Builders

Information Builders wanted a sophisticated template and styling system that would allow non-technician customers to easily customize the presentation of the Business Information-based reports that they created through IBI's WebFocus 8 product.

Chubb Surety

Surety bonding governs the fulfillment of contractual liabilities for the building and construction market. It is a complex set of interlinked business processes that involve bonds, contracts and multiple parties. We integrated across Chubb's internal business surety process on a JavaServer Faces (JSF) platform.

Sealed Air

Design group Multimedia Solutions brought us in to help analyze their client's huge international portal B2B and B2C site and provide design solutions & guidance.

Advertising Database

We helped this advertising contact management tool make the transition from CD-ROM to become a successful online service.


TCS helped award-winning ad agency STEIN ROGAN + PARTNERS to roll out a major advertising campaign for their new structured product in the US market. The product-oriented mini-site built brand identity among broker dealers and full service brokerages.


This portal to educational services supports The administration of "no child left behind" mandates facing the primary and secondary school systems. Their in-house UX Practice needed some senior assistance in preparing their Sharepoint-based site for a new software release.

Credit Suisse

The primary focus of this project was to assess client needs and define the Scope of Work for the strategic redesign of existing B2B client-serving residential mortgage lending websites.

Standard & Poor's

Led design team in creating a website model for rules-engine-driven financial portfolio advisor site. Overcame numerous design issues, integrated functionality with existing legacy services, provided documentation leadership in identifying business rules and functional needs.

Dow Jones Markets

On-Staff as the Documentation Manager at Dow Jones Markets (formerly known as Telerate), I supervised the documentation, interface design and usability practice for the e-commerce Transactions Development Group

Instinet (Reuters)

On-Staff from 1994 to 1997 as the as Information Architect and Interface Designer for Instinet's Front End Design Team, which provided a central pool of design resources to software development groups throughout Instinet.

Newspaper Association of America

The Electronic Sales Assistant (ESA) gave local newspapers a complete suite of Powerpoint-like, updateable, accessible, sales presentation tools.

Prime Computer

Computer hardware firm Prime Computer and software developer Disc International wanted to provide customers with a suite of attractive, flexible design & publishing tools for the front-end of their computer hardware suite of Viewbase interactive products.

Information Industry Association

By 1986 the IIA was moving quickly towards interactive electronic online services. We provided a major tradeshow with a full suite of self-service convention floor services - And we made money at it.

IBM Info Systems

IBM wanted to be able to use their own PC-Videotex decoder and SVS-1 minicomputer hosting system as direct marketing vehicles. We created several sites - as well as marketing materials.

Dun & Bradstreet

D&B was ahead of the curve when - in early 1984 - they explored the intriguing possibility of putting their financial brokerage information online. We modeled a Financial Portfolio Prototype for them.

IBM / China Comm

In mid-1984 IBM approached us to assist them in creating a large interactive direct marketing site for their international marketing effort at the China Comm '84 Technology exposition in Beijing.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments had a vested interest in ensuring that their new graphics technology products were competitive in the interactive business arena. TCS created models & prototypes in target market areas.


Communication Studies and Planning International, Ltd. was one of the pre-eminent market/technology research services during the early days of the emerging interactive online industry.