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Dow Jones : On Staff

As the Documentation Manager at Dow Jones Markets (formerly known as Telerate), I supervised the documentation, interface design and usability practice for the e-commerce Transactions Development Group.

The Value Proposition

Brokerage trading screen


The Transactions Development Group provided professional development services to international clients:

  • online electronic stock brokerage
  • foreign exchange trading
  • commercial paper trading system
  • executive decision support
  • direct dealing for repurchasing agreements
  • financial analysis for trading
  • energy resources trading
  • interdealer brokerage systems (back end support)

Task Flow documentation


As Documentation Manager, I was responsible for defining our Windows and Web software development environments:

  • Requirements gathering criteria
  • UI standards & Interface stylesheets
  • Document templates & Technical specifications
  • Online and printed help

I also developed our Design Reource Center, a Lotus Notes-based shared information tool that provided comprehensive style guidelines and graphics libraries for all Trading Development Group projects.