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Portal engagements tend to have an information-sharing orientation that focuses on leveraging resources.

"John is a visionary who knows how to get things done. At Bunge Global Markets, John took control over a fragmented and immature UI design process and in short order provided realistic structure and standards that could be readily applied across all applications to produce a single unified user experience that was functional, intuitive and easy to use. He took the initiative ... " Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Duff Bailey, Program Manager, Bunge

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Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) offers a suite of financial management products which are marketed as "private label" services to be used by Blue Chip financial clients.

United Healthcare

Advertising agency Rosetta turned to us when they needed someone to guide their content strategy in redesigning Employer, Broker and Member websites for United Healthcare.

Sealed Air

Design group Multimedia Solutions brought us in to help analyze their client's huge international portal B2B and B2C site and provide design solutions & guidance.

USMA, West Point

West Point unveiled its new library building in the 2008 school year. They wanted their online library site to be a fitting showcase for the new facilities - and to approach library services in a new way.

Prudential Insurance

Prudential already had an online public-facing website that allowed customers to apply for term life insurance in a self-service environment. The next phase was to provide an in-bank version of the web-based service which would allow client Bankers to assist their customers in buying term life insurance from their desk in the bank.

Standard & Poor's

Led design team in creating a website model for rules-engine-driven financial portfolio advisor site. Overcame numerous design issues, integrated functionality with existing legacy services, provided documentation leadership in identifying business rules and functional needs.

Bunge Global Markets

Design leadership for a complex intranet-based suite of services for this global commodities firm. Focus on trading and fulfillment, risk management, strategic planning, reporting, customer assistance. Reported directly to CIO on usability and portal design issues.

FISA / CityTime

This complex web-based Timesheet and Payroll Management application integrated services across 80 New York City agencies with more than 200,000 employees (Fire, Police, Sanitation, Department of Corrections, etc.). This huge project also needed help in establishing accountability, process and effective communication among client stakeholders, business analysts and the technical implementation team.

Deutsche Bank

The IT department at this large international bank needed help - and fast. They wanted to integrate incompatible corporate sites that had been published by their international offices into a client-facing portal, while also providing cross-selling of their services, as well as substantial new functionality.

Morgan Stanley

On-Staff as Senior Information Architect. Equity ResearchLink service competes with several other well-known firms to push equity research documents to their institutional investor client base. The firm had already spent a huge amount of money (both outsourcing and internally) in trying to make the experience of their site more competitive when they hired me in 2001 to bring some closure to the process.

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