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University Library Site

USMA West Point

West Point unveiled its new library building in the 2008 school year. They wanted their online library site to be a fitting showcase for the new facilities - and to approach library services in a new way.

The Value Proposition


UMA Sitemap

TCS provided a functional and presentational makeover of this university library website based on a broad set of needs.

  • Identify primary audiences (Student Cadets, Faculty, Library Administrators and Visitors) and their workflows
  • Simplify navigation and information structure, with an eye towards end-user needs
  • Enable and support Student and Faculty "self-service"
  • Define administration and maintenance toolsfor the Library Staff
  • Supply the project team with process tools, documentation and guidance in a "virtual" working environment


Reference Desk

Military Libraries

  • Provided a clickable site model that conformed to the workflow, allowed stakeholders to sign-off on the experience, and served as design guide for the development team.
  • Emphasize most-used features to the forefront with calls to action
  • Integrated tools allow Library Administrators to customize outreach to target audience groups.
  • Online Reference Desk is the site's focal point for access to library resources.
  • Faculty can connect their course syllabus directly to Library holdings
  • Search tools so that Student Cadets can self-service quickly and easily.