The Communication Studio

Insurance Portal Intranet

Allied North America

"From-the-ground-up" design of a national intranet at construction risk management-oriented insurance company - as a front-end to SharePoint platform.

The Value Proposition

  • Allied was able to "hit the ground running" with easy-to-implement templates and UI design components.
  • Brand News section allowed marketing teams to share successful collateral and strategies collaboratively


Allied had grown recently through acquisition. They needed to provide a corporate intranet in order to service their offices.

Corporate Info Page

  • Gather informational & service collateral
  • Organize & guide the design process
  • Reconcile look & feelacross multiple organizational units
  • Integrate functionality
  • Reinforce entrerprise identity
  • Allied had a strong need for an easily manageable Content Management System. They selected Sharepoint as their platform.


Our design solutions must be easily integrated within the Sharepoint platform.

Landing Page

  • Clickable site model conforms to the workflow, allows stakeholders to sign-off on the experience, and serves as design guide for the development team
  • Style - The "look" had to be seamless with the presentation capabilities of Sharepoint
  • Branding and styling based on Allied's established style guides
  • Easily editable templates allows Allied to easily "micro publish" a corporate newsletter
  • Content management strategies
  • Redesign the interface for Allied's innovative client self-service product, MySocrates