The Communication Studio


Consumer projects tend to be smaller sized and more personal, with a heavy focus on customer satisfaction. They often have a focus on marketing-related issues and ecommerce.

“John was able to take my design and concept and translate it into a viable, working medium that presents my work exactly the way I want it to be viewed. He went completely with my direction yet took it to a level I couldn't possibly envision without his expertise. The result goes far beyond and has much greater impact than what I originally wanted and has actually influenced my work.”

Rick Daccardi, Director, Rick Daccardi Photos

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H.P. Curran Appraisals

Workflow and process-oriented redesign of customer-facing B2C service. In addition to producing a nice brochureware site, our focus was on making Peter's underlying business process easier to manage.

MuayThai Chinnarach

This Thai kickboxing martial arts (“the Art of Eight Limbs”) training camp website really needed a makeover. Edited their collateral, reorganized it, and re-skinned it, adding mobile capability.

Grey Group (Pradaxa)

Brought onboard by ad agency Grey Group to lead UX for their pharma client Pradaxa. Delivered UX analysis, design recommendations, and demosite solution models for legacy website, mobile site, unbranded site, and co-pay calculator. Education of creatives in mobile UI and advocacy were a big part of the agenda.

Lead-Free Kids (Merkley)

Merkley +Partners (also our agency client in 2008) asked us to guide their redesign this public-facing self-service health site, a partnership between the EPA and the Ad Council. We simplified the UI, spoke to the target audience (Moms), gave it a social networking edge, and focused on immediate “calls to action”.

Queens College

The college wanted to migrate their legacy website to a Sharepoint platform. Design firm Computer Generated Solution (CGS) brought me in to assist in defining the information architecture of the new site model.

Merkley +Partners

The agency wanted an assessment of the usability of an interactive kiosk for use as a "point of sale" presentation system in automotive dealership showrooms.

C.P. Cohen Art

"Web presence" and marketing brochureware site for print-oriented design services shop. Full-service consultation, design, implementation, and hosting.

USMA, West Point

West Point unveiled its new library building in the 2008 school year. They wanted their online library site to be a fitting showcase for the new facilities - and to approach library services in a new way.

Cap Gemini

Interactive design agency Publicis sub-contracted TCS to analyze, assess and propose content presentation and marketing solutions for international consulting firm Gap Gemini's website.

Cub Scout Pack 215

So I worked with our local Cub Scout Pack a little while back - and in so doing soon rediscovered some of my community service roots (harking waaaay back to video documentaries and cable TV activism in the 70's). This is a neat little solution for a volunteer community service website.

Interactive One

Interactive One is the leading online network serving the African-American community. In 2007 they asked us to help them evolve their social networking site.

Prudential Insurance

Prudential already had an online public-facing website that allowed customers to apply for term life insurance in a self-service environment. The next phase was to provide an in-bank version of the web-based service which would allow client Bankers to assist their customers in buying term life insurance from their desk in the bank.

Rick Daccardi Photos

This was Rick's first website. He wanted it simple and he wanted to present the range of his photographic skills and visual sensibility.

LPPOA Recreation

As a community member, in 2005 I volunteered to help redesign the existing Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (LPPOA) website with an eye towards both service and outreach.

Grey Advertising

Diet giant Slim-Fast needed to redesign their consumer website. I helped online ad agency Grey Interactive to put together the structure of their "new look", oriented towards "ease of use", self service and building a strong customer relationship.

AT&T Iinteractive Voice Response

Provided usability assessment and interaction design for ATT's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service at their Customer Call centers.

N2K / CD-Now

Music seller CD Now wanted to create its own "Amazon-like" music and entertainment shopping cart experience, My Music Boulevard.


MediaNet was looking for a way to provide quick, easily-updated custom advertising over local cable channels.Our software suite was designed for managing attractive point-of-sale advertising graphics in an-easy-to-use, template-driven environment.


This Telerate subsidiary wanted to use our templated page creation system to actively market their LED light "streamer" electronic signage boards.


Live Sportsline provider SportsTicker wanted to use our software, formatting techniques, graphics and templates to provide a dynamic graphically-enchanced display for SportsTicker's text-only sports information service.


As the interactive industry developed, the telephone giant NYNEX saw the opportunity to leverage their position as a networking leader in the new media arena, focusing on directory, advertising, and target marketing.


In mid-1987 my good friend and new media visionary Jesse Leiman was marketing one of the exciting new concepts in the presentation arena: A huge wall of point-f-sale interactive screens. I mocked up the drawings for this storyboard-style advertising sheet...

Sony / Ford

Consumer technology leader Sony wanted to model the potential for integrating full-motion, high resolution videodisc images with dynamically-updatable graphics and interactive navigation.

Pacific Bell

In 1985 Pacific Bell initiated work on "Project Victoria", a proposed rollout of digital interactive services to the home based on ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology.


In 1984 Rival Automotive's Automated Retail Information Systems (ARIS) approached AutoZone with a proposal to install point of sale kiosks with touch-sensitive screens in all AutoZone stores.

Chase Bank

Like many other banks at the time, Chase needed to explore the possibilites of the newly-emerging interactive financial arena.


During the early 80's all of the major networks wanted to get on the interactive digital bandwagon, too. NBC was one of the first to test the waters.

BBDO / Cabletext

In 1983 Time's newly created Teletext division planned to roll out an interactive cabletext "interactive magazine" service to the home, to be delivered via cable TV channel.


In 1982 pharmaceutical giant Merck, Sharp & Dohme explored the possibility of providing information about drugs via simple interactive terminals that would provide immediate medical information access at the doctor's desk and in the waiting room.

Bank of America

Bank of America anchored publishing giant Times Mirror's Videotex Field Trial of consumer information services to the home with a huge site of consumer banking information - and also modeled online transactions.

BoozAllen Hamilton

In late 1981 leading market research firm Booz-Allen Hamilton decided to test the waters for consumer acceptance of interactive electronic services. We provided design and modeling services this highly secret groundbreaking market research study of the potential for online interactive services to the home.


The Government primes the pump. Begun in 1980 at PBS flagship station WETA in Washington, DC, this was the one of first technical field trials of highly graphic broadcast TV "teletext" in the US (the pages were embedded in the TV signal and displayed by a special set-top box).