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Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (LPPOA)

As a community member, in 2005 I volunteered to help redesign the existing Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (LPPOA) website with an eye towards both service and outreach.

The Value Proposition


LPPOA Landing Page

From a design perspective, the legacy LPPOA site was rudimentary and didn't quite fulfill the organization's needs. over the course of several meetings, it soon became clear that they needed a manageable platform that would allow them to:

  • Support the existing membership with self-service info
  • Build new membership
  • Market the Clubhouse

In addition, the new site should offer a more attractive look, be easy to use, and be easily maintained by volunteer members.


The ClubHouse Page

Our solutions included:

  • Assessment of the LPPOA's needs
  • A workable website that conformed to the workflow.
  • Reorganization of the site and it's collateral into a consistent, simple site map and content management structure
  • A set of simple, clean, easy-to-manage page templates that could be maintained & updated by non-professional volunteers
  • Implementation & site management guidance to the volunteer members