The Communication Studio


Portfolio Showcase : 2008 - Present


The 90's

User Experience

is now a Buzzword in Good Currency.

Everybody's doin' it. And it's mandatory.

Social networking is the goal and FaceBook is the model.

Content Management is now leveraged as "Business Intelligence".

Presentation must be responsive to all platforms - and optimized for mobile.

Semantic tagging allows our interactions to be intelligently self-aware.

Responsive Social Self-Aware Mobility rules

Virtual Models

Traditionally, the project team was driven by program code generation - but recently programming skill has become a commodity item. After a decade of off-shoring and outsourcing, companies now look to User Experience as the point of integration for Business, Marketing and Technology.

The focus of effort is now defined under the UxP Umbrella.

My recent projects have all involved significant Telecommuting (i.e. self-management), as well as orchestrating the "virtual team".

The Agile-Virtual Environment demands effective communication: Good Documentation defines the Guidelines for Success

That's How It All Fits Together

Social, Seamless & Agile

Ever-smaller, more powerful appliances means that design functionality & features are component-ized for modularity. We're app-happy.

On the team process front: Accelerated SDLC makes for a more intense, fluidly "agile" design environment.

Seamless meaningful, personal experience assumes a robust Information Infrastructure.

Semantically Self-Aware

We expect our interactive tools to echo our level of awareness and assumptions. Now it's all personal.

We're moving towards a highly customizable information architecture: The Semantic Web.


Drill down for more detail.


Strategic guidance focusing on content management and strategy for this AIDS advocacy group. More analysis and evangelism than design. Helped them 'get organized' and develop their information management tools.

Zana Africa

This was a real case study in functional design for a non-profit advocacy group focusing on health issues for young girls. The keyword was process.

Highlands Natural Pool

This local community recreational facility was in dire need of a makeover - and I was happy to help. Focus on its unique qualities.

Expert Witness

(Confidential at this time) Testimony and documentation regarding a patent ownership dispute with substantial industry-wide implications. Based on knowledge and design thinking from early in the interactive era.


Workflow and process-oriented redesign of customer-facing B2C service w/ focus on underlying business process in response ot regulatory legislation focusing on capital management, liquidity, and financial and regulatory reporting.

H.P. Curran Appraisals

Workflow and process-oriented redesign of customer-facing B2C service. In addition to producing a nice brochureware site, our focus was on making Peter's underlying business process easier to manage.

MuayThai Chinnarach

This Thai kickboxing martial arts (“the Art of Eight Limbs”) training camp website really needed a makeover. Edited their collateral, reorganized it, and re-skinned it, adding mobile capability.


In early 2013 the VA invited the public to submit design solutions to improve the usability of the standard health information form, which was - admittedly - hard to use.


Usability analysis and design for a suite of business solution products oriented to the commercial transportation (trucking) industry. This has been a very fully-featured engagement, involving strategy, assessment, process, and design.


NBC TVROCS is a "heavy lifting" workflow application used for analyzing Nielsen market data. The legacy app was often confusing and cumbersome. We needed to simplify the interaction design of a complex market research tool..

Grey Group (Pradaxa)

Brought onboard by ad agency Grey Group to lead UX for their pharma client Pradaxa. Delivered UX analysis, design recommendations, and demosite solution models for legacy website, mobile site, unbranded site, and co-pay calculator. Education of creatives in mobile UI and advocacy were a big part of the agenda.


Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) offers a suite of financial management products which are marketed as "private label" services to be used by Blue Chip financial clients.

United Healthcare

Advertising agency Rosetta turned to us when they needed someone to guide their content strategy in redesigning Employer, Broker and Member websites for United Healthcare.

Lead-Free Kids (Merkley)

Merkley +Partners (also our agency client in 2008) asked us to guide their redesign this public-facing self-service health site, a partnership between the EPA and the Ad Council. We simplified the UI, spoke to the target audience (Moms), gave it a social networking edge, and focused on immediate “calls to action”.


KPMG needed a “CSS Cleanup” of their existing public site, with a focus on information architecture, best practices, conformance to accessibility standards, clear terminology, removing redundant code, integration with SharePoint, and bringing the technical development team up to speed on good process.

Information Builders

Information Builders wanted a sophisticated template and styling system that would allow non-technician customers to easily customize the presentation of the Business Information-based reports that they created through IBI's WebFocus 8 product.

Chubb Surety

Surety bonding governs the fulfillment of contractual liabilities for the building and construction market. It is a complex set of interlinked business processes that involve bonds, contracts and multiple parties. We integrated across Chubb's internal business surety process on a JavaServer Faces (JSF) platform.

Bell Labs

The Intuitive Collaborative Design group (ICD) was charged with implementing a social networking and collaboration platform across Bell Labs. A primary focus was on integrated messaging and workflow collaboration.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll-Rand had acquired Trane and needed to integrate and reorganize their internal corporate presence onto a common Sharepoint platform.

Queens College

The college wanted to migrate their legacy website to a Sharepoint platform. Design firm Computer Generated Solution (CGS) brought me in to assist in defining the information architecture of the new site model.

Merkley +Partners

The agency wanted an assessment of the usability of an interactive kiosk for use as a "point of sale" presentation system in automotive dealership showrooms.

C.P. Cohen Art

"Web presence" and marketing brochureware site for print-oriented design services shop. Full-service consultation, design, implementation, and hosting.

Sealed Air

Design group Multimedia Solutions brought us in to help analyze their client's huge international portal B2B and B2C site and provide design solutions & guidance.

USMA, West Point

West Point unveiled its new library building in the 2008 school year. They wanted their online library site to be a fitting showcase for the new facilities - and to approach library services in a new way.

Allied North America

"From-the-ground-up" design of a national intranet at construction risk management-oriented insurance company - as a front-end to SharePoint platform.