The Communication Studio

Surety Market Applications

Chubb Surety

Surety bonding governs the fulfillment of contractual liabilities for the building and construction market. It is a complex set of interlinked business processes that involve bonds, contracts and multiple parties. We integrated across Chubb's internal business surety process on a JavaServer Faces (JSF) platform .

The Value Proposition

  • "Getting it" re the stakeholder agenda
  • Guide development team thru design implications of new tech platform
  • Team UX /UI resource for"best practices", styling, tools, and features
  • Quick prototyping turnaround in an Agile environment speeds closure


The immediate challenges were :

  • Common user Interface across multiple business "views" (Accounts, Bonds, Client Management, Business Prospects, etc.)
  • Clear, efficient forms entry
  • Document maintenance
  • Integrated process
  • Improve styling and UI behaviors
  • Educate production team on UI design issues


  • Flexible role-relevant views of data, process and scope of business that provide a common interface for everyone.
  • "One-click" access hyperlinking among processes.
  • Productivity tools such as the Client Snapshot allow "fast track" dashboard overview, with direct access to relevant documents
  • Task-driven interface guides workflow
  • JavaServer Faces implementation