The Communication Studio

Market Research Engine


NBC TVROCS is a "heavy lifting" workflow application used for analyzing Nielsen market data. The legacy app was often confusing and cumbersome.  We needed to simplify the interaction design of a complex market research tool.

The Value Proposition

  • Bring UX advocacy, "best practices", and insight to the programmer-centric development team
  • "Team sounding board" for UX design solutions
  • Improve usability of this mission critical analytics tool


TV-ROCS main page

The platform for this application had been implemented in Visual Basic and the design was more than 10 years old.

Complex workflow

Sophisticated audience of highly-skilled professionals

Many tools

No documentation / explanation


TV-ROCS main page

  • Re-organize functional & informational "chunks" at a high-level
  • Focus design on the default workflow paths and staged steps
  • Simplify & systematize visual elements of the UI
  • Clarify terminology