The Communication Studio

Business Tools


Usability analysis and design for a suite of business solution products oriented to the commercial transportation (trucking) industry.  This has been a very fully-featured engagement, involving strategy, assessment, process, and design.

The Value Proposition

  • Optimize developer team process with appropriate deliverables
  • Bring programming-oriented staff up to speed on UX
  • Enterprise UX/UI resource for "best practices", styling, tools, and features
  • Quick modeling turnaround in an Agile environment
  • "UX Ambassador" and liaison to customers via on-site visits in order to identify - and solve - unique business needs


Sitemap: Clickflow to Microsite

Karmak maintains a large suite of business products on multiple platforms. The UX challenges are both inward- and outward-facing: maintenance/design and consistency/functionality/branding.

  • Identify needs of customer roles, personas
  • Map workflow of critical business activities
  • Establish UX best practices for the enterprise
  • Evangelize & educate staff on UX principles and techniques
  • Virtual teams in remote work environment
  • Inconsistent documentation


Wireframe:  Design Solution Model
  • Articulate and model design solutions for target team products
  • Codify best practices into team documentation and process templates (Collateral Index)
  • Onsite, face-to-face needs assessment and usability analysis with software client customers
  • Formulate cross-platform migration & implementation paths for UX
  • Integrate UX into an Agile team process