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MuayThai Chinnarach

This Thai kickboxing martial arts (“the Art of Eight Limbs”) training camp website really needed a makeover. Edited their collateral, reorganized it, and re-skinned it, adding mobile capability. Small Business

The Value Proposition

  • Site is mobile-enabled, goal-focused in order to reach target market of young, western males traveling abroad
  • Colorful, simple design enables quick access to satisfiers and obvious Calls To Action for registration, costs & plans
  • Templates: easy to self-manage & update


Their legacy site design had several problems, among them:


  • Too many menu headings, scattered presentation
  • The site focus was really on videos of their in-house staff fight matches
  • The videos themselves are too long, of unimpressive quality, without context, and focus on their staff rather than on customers
  • Information of interest to likely customers is scattered and hard to find

Embrace the Story

Packages page

Customers are overwhelmingly non-Thai Westerners.

Customers are there to lose weight and get in shape (novices) or train for a fight (experts).

Customers - especially the novices - come to the gym in order to enjoy the party environment of the island.

A fair number of customers are "walk-ins" - people who are already vacationing on the island.

Mobile access is a necessity.


Fight Night page

The solution, as ever, is customer-centricity.

  • Address the recognized customer profiles in the site content and structure
  • Articulate the gym's services in terms of identified customer needs
  • Simplify and direct the site paths towards goals - which includes a robust section on Free Time