The Communication Studio

Process-Oriented B2C

HP Curran Appraisals

Workflow and process-oriented redesign of customer-facing B2C service.  In addition to producing a nice brochureware site, our focus was on making Peter's underlying business process easier to manage. 

The Value Proposition

  • Fixed the design mess left by a previous service provider
  • Guidance & consultation for a web novice
  • Put client's business "on the web" (customer-facing self-service features & back-end business tools)
  • Establish an appropriate, attractive, powerful brand, aided by social networking

Full-Service Design


About page

Client Service page


HP Curran Appraisals actually serves two very different business audiences - Arts & Antiques and "Building Deconstruction" (the careful dismantling of building structures for reuse and resale). Our design gracefully services both client markets seamlessly.

We needed to design personalized, targeted online experiences for each, while offering a seamless environment for both.


Peter's Business Process was a major agenda: The desire to ease (automate) his own workflow and also allow visitors to self-service.

Customer Acquisition (“turning visitors into clients”)
Simple forms with automated email response

Client Project Management
Online information entry and ongoing maintenance

Easy Payment
Flexible online services (PayPal integration)

Client Self-Service

In order to ease visitors towards "self-service", we presented straightforward Step-by-step guidelines for how to :

  • become a client
  • set up a project
  • work with Peter
  • make payments

We also leveraged Peter's extensive knowledge by exposing useful, relevant information through cross-referenced FAQ's.