The Communication Studio


Intranet projects require an understanding of internal enterprise needs and infrastructure, with the ability to leverage existing resources. The focus is often on "self service" and education.

John lent his unique depth of skills in melding UI concepts and content to deliver outstanding products supporting critical business initiatives at Ernst & Young. John demonstrated an ability to quickly analyze the core requirements of a user/audience base and design an approach that was elegant, compelling, and strongly resonant with our specific user communities. John combines world class design and UI skills with dead on targeting for the needs of client users. I strongly endorse John's work for future initiatives in any industry

Stephen Carroll, Competency Manager, Ernst & Young

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Chubb Surety

Surety bonding governs the fulfillment of contractual liabilities for the building and construction market. It is a complex set of interlinked business processes that involve bonds, contracts and multiple parties. We integrated across Chubb's internal business surety process on a JavaServer Faces (JSF) platform.

Bell Labs

The Intuitive Collaborative Design group (ICD) was charged with implementing a social networking and collaboration platform across Bell Labs. A primary focus was on integrated messaging and workflow collaboration.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll-Rand had acquired Trane and needed to integrate and reorganize their internal corporate presence onto a common Sharepoint platform.

USMA, West Point

West Point unveiled its new library building in the 2008 school year. They wanted their online library site to be a fitting showcase for the new facilities - and to approach library services in a new way.

Allied North America

"From-the-ground-up" design of a national intranet at construction risk management-oriented insurance company - as a front-end to SharePoint platform.


Modem Media brought TCS onboard to assist with an intranet redesign for their client, a public energy firm serving the southeast coastal region. The client wanted their inward-facing Sharepoint site to be come more pro-actively useful to employees, while also serving as an effective venue for internal marketing.

Bunge Global Markets

Design leadership for a complex intranet-based suite of services for this global commodities firm. Focus on trading and fulfillment, risk management, strategic planning, reporting, customer assistance. Reported directly to CIO on usability and portal design issues.

Kyocera / Mita

This international copier/printer company needed to make their web-based Dealer Order Management System both usable and competitive. Kyocera needed to provide real self-service to their extended dealer base in order to maintain a competitive presence in the marketplace.

FISA / CityTime

This complex web-based Timesheet and Payroll Management application integrated services across 80 New York City agencies with more than 200,000 employees (Fire, Police, Sanitation, Department of Corrections, etc.). This huge project also needed help in establishing accountability, process and effective communication among client stakeholders, business analysts and the technical implementation team.

Ernst & Young

As a consultant member of Ernst & Young's Communications Learning Team I was involved in technical writing, documentation, interactive design, training and strategic consulting for several internal projects: Global Tax Operate, PeopleSoft Training, Document Maintenance Strategy, Employee Career Self-Management

Broadcast Traffic & Residuals

The commercial talent payment service bureau wanted to migrate their legacy mainframe-based system to a more "user friendly" windows and web-oriented interface.

Dow Jones Markets

On-Staff as the Documentation Manager at Dow Jones Markets (formerly known as Telerate), I supervised the documentation, interface design and usability practice for the e-commerce Transactions Development Group

Instinet (Reuters)

On-Staff from 1994 to 1997 as the as Information Architect and Interface Designer for Instinet's Front End Design Team, which provided a central pool of design resources to software development groups throughout Instinet.


In late 1986 Citibank decided to deliver corporate services via intranet to the bank's employees via their desktop computers and a series of standalone information kiosks located in common lobby areas.

Indiana University

Indiana University was way ahead of the game in 1986 when they started looking into setting up a campus-wide educational network. They wanted a model of that vision...