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Indiana University

Indiana University was way ahead of the game in 1986 when they started looking into setting up a campus-wide interactive network.

The Value Proposition

Indiana U main menu

Indiana U campus map

Indiana U online courseware

University Information System

Disc International and Prime Computer approached us to model a large scale university campus information system.

Provided a clickable site model that conformed to the workflow and served as design guide for the development team.

Our interactive prototype pages were all linked together in a mini-site that gave the school administration a good sense of how their campus system might look:

  • Course Registration
  • Directory of Students and Faculty
  • School Services
  • Campus Map
  • Online educational courses
  • Recreation & Events
  • Chat Boards

Design Productivity Tools & Consultation

We licensed our Textup Context Management System and other tools to Indiana U so that they could produce and manage their campus-wide information system. The challenge for us was that the pages had to be viewable on a broad range of devices, including "dumb" terminals and (most significantly) on the Apple computer platform.

The NAPLPS videotex standard allowed us to produce a site with graphically sophisticated layouts and images that could be viewed - simultaneously and seamlessly - on different microcomputers.