The Communication Studio

Medical Info On-Demand

Merck, Sharp & Dohme / London, UK

In 1982 pharmaceutical giant Merck, Sharp & Dohme explored the possibility of providing information about drugs via simple interactive terminals that would provide immediate information access at the doctor's desk and in the waiting room.

The Value Proposition


International consulting agency Communications Studies and Planning, Ltd flew me to London, UK, to model a medical support service that could provide physicians and their patients with pharmaceutical and therapeutic information. We needed to design a structure that could service each of the three target audiences: Physicians, Patients & Public and Merck representatives.

Hand-drawn Sitemap #1

Hand-drawn Sitemap #2

Hand-drawn Sitemap #3


The site we designed gave physicians direct access to Merck representatives for product support and other services. It included:

  • Bulletin Board
  • E-mail
  • Generic Medical Information Retrieval
  • Cross-Referenced Pharmeceutical Directory
  • Product Information Catalog
  • Clinical Trial info
  • Sales Support
  • Online Help and Tutorials
  • Mailbox, bulletin board, Inquiry/Response module