The Communication Studio

Accessible Front End for Host

Prime Computer

Computer hardware firm Prime Computer and software developer Disc International wanted to provide customers with an attractive, flexible user interface for their computer hardware suite of Viewbase interactive products.

The Value Proposition

Prime corporate slide

Prime corporate slide

Prime corporate slide

Viewbase product marketing

The Communication Studio partnered with the two firms to provide a range of services that fit well with their business needs.

Graphic Design

We designed Prime's corporate direct marketing presentations and marketing materials (shown at right).

Product Licensing of Productivity Tools

In 1986 Prime purchased multiple licenses for our TCS Textup Context Management System to be integrated as the front-end design utility for their Viewbase hosting systems. We provided corporate training, custom clip art and page templates to Prime personnel.

Site Design

Our strong skills in interactive architecture and the customer experience helped Disc International and Prime Computer to sell their hardware and software. Over the course of 2 years our symbiotic relationship with the two firms resulted in a number of interesting projects for The Communication Studio: