The Communication Studio

Electronic Yellow Pages

NYNEX: Multiple Corporate Projects

As the interactive industry developed, the telephone giant NYNEX saw the opportunity to leverage their position as a networking leader in the new media arena.

The Value Proposition

NYNEX Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Spanish language

Interactive Magazine

Nynex Address Directory

Market Models

In the mid-80's NYNEX approached The Communication Studio to design screen prototypes for a range of potential market applications:

  • Point-of-Sale Advertising Kiosks
  • Customer self-service White Page directories
  • Electronic Yellow Pages
  • Online Business Directories
  • Interactive advertising
  • Foreign language sites
  • Target Marketing
  • Specialty magazines
  • Corporate Presentations

Electronic Signage

Jacob Javits electronic signage

NYNEX corporate (animation)

NYNEX corporate (animation)

We prototyped Nynex's proposal for an in-house public Electronic Signage for the newly-built Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

We prototyped a mapping system that would allow NYNEX to:

  • run billboard announcements within the convention center
  • sell advertising and directions to local busnesses
  • market interactive electronic coupons
  • display convention center activity schedules

Productivity Tools

We also licensed our Design Tools to NYNEX's internal business and production systems units.