The Communication Studio


Financial projects tend to be substantially sized, with a complex workflow. They often have a focus on "heavy lifting" and transactions.

“I have had the pleasure of working with John on several projects in Deutsche Bank. He is one of the best User Interface and Interaction Designer I have worked with in my career. He is a very knowledgeable in user interface design process and working with business resources/users to extract design requirements. He is very articulate and has strong business acumen, particularly within Financial Services and has the ability to translate complex ideas into very effective user designs and effectively communicate these to senior executives. He is a very innovative and dedicated professional and a big asset for any development team. It was a pleasure working with John!" Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Harmeet Bharara, Director, Deutsche Bank (2003)

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Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) offers a suite of financial management products which are marketed as "private label" services to be used by Blue Chip financial clients.

BusinessEdge Solutions

The h igh-end consultancy BusinessEdge Solutions (now part of EMC Consulting) brought me onboard to assist in providing their client with strategic insights in the Uxp arena, focusing on wealth management.


TCS helped award-winning ad agency STEIN ROGAN + PARTNERS to roll out a major advertising campaign for their new structured product in the US market. The product-oriented mini-site built brand identity among broker dealers and full service brokerages.

Credit Suisse

The primary focus of this project was to assess client needs and define the Scope of Work for the strategic redesign of existing B2B client-serving residential mortgage lending websites.

Standard & Poor's

Led design team in creating a website model for rules-engine-driven financial portfolio advisor site. Overcame numerous design issues, integrated functionality with existing legacy services, provided documentation leadership in identifying business rules and functional needs.

Bunge Global Markets

Design leadership for a complex intranet-based suite of services for this global commodities firm. Focus on trading and fulfillment, risk management, strategic planning, reporting, customer assistance. Reported directly to CIO on usability and portal design issues.

Deutsche Bank

The IT department at this large international bank needed help - and fast. They wanted to integrate incompatible corporate sites that had been published by their international offices into a client-facing portal, while also providing cross-selling of their services, as well as substantial new functionality.

Morgan Stanley

On-Staff as Senior Information Architect. Equity ResearchLink service competes with several other well-known firms to push equity research documents to their institutional investor client base. The firm had already spent a huge amount of money (both outsourcing and internally) in trying to make the experience of their site more competitive when they hired me in 2001 to bring some closure to the process.


In 1999 financial print publishing giant Bowneset up Immersant as an internet service bureau design shop in order to leverage their position into the emerging web-based electronic publishing arena. I was hired as the lead Interactive Architect for the New York City / New Jersey office.

Sumitomo Bank

The transactions processing development group at Sumitomo Bank wanted to document their back-end Unix processes for backing up financial data at the end of day.

Dow Jones Markets

On-Staff as the Documentation Manager at Dow Jones Markets (formerly known as Telerate), I supervised the documentation, interface design and usability practice for the e-commerce Transactions Development Group

Instinet (Reuters)

On-Staff from 1994 to 1997 as the as Information Architect and Interface Designer for Instinet's Front End Design Team, which provided a central pool of design resources to software development groups throughout Instinet.


In late 1986 Citibank decided to deliver corporate services via intranet to the bank's employees via their desktop computers and a series of standalone information kiosks located in common lobby areas.

Dun & Bradstreet

D&B was ahead of the curve when - in early 1984 - they explored the intriguing possibility of putting their financial brokerage information online. We modeled a Financial Portfolio Prototype for them.

Chase Bank

Like many other banks at the time, Chase needed to explore the possibilites of the newly-emerging interactive financial arena.

Bank of America

Bank of America anchored publishing giant Times Mirror's Videotex Field Trial of consumer information services to the home with a huge site of consumer banking information - and also modeled online transactions.