The Communication Studio

Portfolio Management

Standard & Poor's

Led design team in creating a website model for rules-engine-driven financial portfolio advisor site. Overcame numerous design issues, integrated functionality with existing legacy services, provided documentation leadership in identifying business rules and functional needs.

The Value Proposition


Portfolio Management Interface

The focus of this project:

  • Capture the workflow in documentation
  • Model the workflow in UI design
  • Improve usability and efficiency

Create a "white label" product that could be

  • effectively distibuted to partners
  • seamlessly re-branded
  • easily supported


Client Account

We worked closely with the Business side and in-house domain experts to produce a marketable solution.

  • Clickable site model that conformed to the workflow, allowed stakeholders to sign-off on the experience, and served as design guide for the development team
  • A styling theme that allows the Account Manager to focus on accomplishing a complex range of tasks without visual distraction
  • Flexible information tagging so that the service could be customized for client branding