The Communication Studio

Personnel Management

FISA CityTime

Design lead for complex web-based Timesheet and Payroll Management application to integrate services across 80 New York City agencies with more than 200,000 employees (Fire, Police, Sanitation, Department of Corrections, etc.). This huge project also needed help in establishing accountability, process and effective communication among client stakeholders, business analysts and the technical implementation team.

The Value Proposition


Our mandate was to design a standard look & feel for CityTime's common services across multiple agencies.

  • behavioral continuity across range of applications
  • fluid navigation
  • complex workflow
  • ease of use
  • scalability
  • best practices


TCS ensured that information was well-organized, reflected the workflow and was presented in an easily accessible interface.

  • Clickable site model that conformed to the workflow and served as design guide for the development team
  • Process-oriented
    • workflows
    • actors
    • requirements
    • use cases
  • Design navigation structure, interaction & styling for an AJAX environment
  • Document and communicate design guidance to implementation teams
  • Model behaviors and interaction
  • Effective on-screen Help