The Communication Studio

Product Development

Product Development projects tend to have a complex workflow with a focus on "heavy lifting". They require technical expertise and the ability to guide development teams.

John is a seasoned professional who applies his broad experience to complex information architecture problems. He is astute, a quick study, and adept at working effectively within situations of considerable ambiguity. His understanding of business processes and workflow make him a very valuable asset to software development teams and processes.”

Colin Campbell, Manager, User Experience, Standard & Poor's

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Usability analysis and design for a suite of business solution products oriented to the commercial transportation (trucking) industry. This has been a very fully-featured engagement, involving strategy, assessment, process, and design.


NBC TVROCS is a "heavy lifting" workflow application used for analyzing Nielsen market data. The legacy app was often confusing and cumbersome. We needed to simplify the interaction design of a complex market research tool..


Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) offers a suite of financial management products which are marketed as "private label" services to be used by Blue Chip financial clients.

Information Builders

Information Builders wanted a sophisticated template and styling system that would allow non-technician customers to easily customize the presentation of the Business Information-based reports that they created through IBI's WebFocus 8 product.

Chubb Surety

Surety bonding governs the fulfillment of contractual liabilities for the building and construction market. It is a complex set of interlinked business processes that involve bonds, contracts and multiple parties. We integrated across Chubb's internal business surety process on a JavaServer Faces (JSF) platform.

Bell Labs

The Intuitive Collaborative Design group (ICD) was charged with implementing a social networking and collaboration platform across Bell Labs. A primary focus was on integrated messaging and workflow collaboration.

Advertising Database

We helped this advertising contact management tool make the transition from CD-ROM to become a successful online service.

Standard & Poor's

Led design team in creating a website model for rules-engine-driven financial portfolio advisor site. Overcame numerous design issues, integrated functionality with existing legacy services, provided documentation leadership in identifying business rules and functional needs.

Bunge Global Markets

Design leadership for a complex intranet-based suite of services for this global commodities firm. Focus on trading and fulfillment, risk management, strategic planning, reporting, customer assistance. Reported directly to CIO on usability and portal design issues.

FISA / CityTime

This complex web-based Timesheet and Payroll Management application integrated services across 80 New York City agencies with more than 200,000 employees (Fire, Police, Sanitation, Department of Corrections, etc.). This huge project also needed help in establishing accountability, process and effective communication among client stakeholders, business analysts and the technical implementation team.

Morgan Stanley

On-Staff as Senior Information Architect. Equity ResearchLink service competes with several other well-known firms to push equity research documents to their institutional investor client base. The firm had already spent a huge amount of money (both outsourcing and internally) in trying to make the experience of their site more competitive when they hired me in 2001 to bring some closure to the process.


The software developer had put together a nice set of software features and tools that would manage an email direct marketing campaign. In late 1999 they contracted us to pull it all together into an interactive, easy-to-use, saleable package.

Broadcast Traffic & Residuals

The commercial talent payment service bureau wanted to migrate their legacy mainframe-based system to a more "user friendly" windows and web-oriented interface.

NBC Research

NBC had developed a tool so that their market research teams could examine, compare and manipulate dynamically-changing Neilsen-based TV viewership data. But usability was an issue.

Dow Jones Markets

On-Staff as the Documentation Manager at Dow Jones Markets (formerly known as Telerate), I supervised the documentation, interface design and usability practice for the e-commerce Transactions Development Group

Instinet (Reuters)

On-Staff from 1994 to 1997 as the as Information Architect and Interface Designer for Instinet's Front End Design Team, which provided a central pool of design resources to software development groups throughout Instinet.

Newspaper Association of America

The Electronic Sales Assistant (ESA) gave local newspapers a complete suite of Powerpoint-like, updateable, accessible, sales presentation tools.

TCS Productivity Suite

The newly emerging interactive online industries had to build a large number of pages that could be updated easily, were platform independent, and retained some "meta-information" intelligence about themselves. We didn't really have many standards in the interactive industry just yet, so I invented my own data-tagging system - as well as the tools to manage it.

The TCS Productivity Suite was successfully marketed to early interactive publishers in need of content production tools: templated page production, clip art, site manager, automated page assembly, slideshow,and more.