The Communication Studio

TV Market Research


The NBC Market Research department had developed a tool so that their market research teams could examine, compare and manipulate dynamically-changing Neilsen-based TV viewership data. The software performed certain tasks, but was very difficult to use.

The Value Proposition

Challenges & Solutions

We were called in to provide a higher level of usability. The interface and platform for this legacy application was totally redesigned and modeled in Visual Basic with an eye towards simplifying the interaction design of a complex market research tool.

TV-ROCS main page

  • Thin client (All file maintenance and query processing is executed on the server )
  • Design for display on laptop (600 x 800 pixels)
  • Use existing functional code modules (minimal new code)
  • Systematize, standardize and enhance the interface (layout, graphics, terminology)
  • Identify workflow and re-structure appropriately