The Communication Studio

Financial Software Suite


Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) offers a suite of financial management products which are marketed as "private label" services to be used by Blue Chip financial clients. 

The Value Proposition

  • Bring programming team and management up to speed on UX
  • Enterprise UX resource for "best practices", styling, tools, and features
  • Quick prototyping of solutions for team collaboration
  • Establish and evangelize common core of usability across suite of services
  • Use UX - not programming - to engineer in responsive design and flexible branding for their "private label" products


Screenshot: Dashboard

The suite of financial management software have grown as a result of both internal development and acquisition. Informa wanted to:

  • Informa branding and styling consistent and attractive across all products
  • Make core functionality usable across all products
  • Customize our product to conform to client's brand
  • Customize our product to conform to client's workflow


Screenshot: Dashboard
  • Interpret and formalize Informa's Style Guide into consistent, customizable, reusable CSS tags & tables
  • Provide improved usability for terminology, navigation, page layout, and process workflow.
  • Reorganize application structure to reflect efficient design norms and accessible standards (refocus around the Dashboard).
  • "Responsive" templates & infrastructure