The Communication Studio

Financial Compliance

Barclays Bank

Like many other banks following the financial bailout, Barclays was obliged to conform to the recently-enacted Dodd-Frank regulatory legislation focusing on capital management, liquidity, and financial and regulatory reporting. 

The Value Proposition



The business rules were complex. The regulatory process was new.

  • Understand and identify bank's process and terminology
  • Organize and display KPI’s and “big data” analysis for mission-critical legal compliance software application in a comprehensive management dashboard.
  • These were to reflect complex financial conditions that we were to not particularly well-defined.
  • Allow analysis of dynamic data across multiple vectors


Issue List drilldown

Audit Trail popup

Design interface for mission-critical inward-facing compliance dashboard

  • Reflect workflow and reporting for systemic international issues.
  • Identify and - in some cases - suggest and define solutions for the bank's process
  • A proposed solution was to include a traceable "audit trail" as a part of the UI
  • Clarify terminology and taxonomy