The Communication Studio

Enterprise Social Network

Alcatel-Lucent / Bell Labs

The Intuitive Collaborative Design group (ICD) was charged with implementing a social networking and collaboration platform across Bell Labs. A primary focus was on integrated messaging and workflow collaboration.

The Value Proposition

  • Advocate proven marketplace UX insights to the design group; especially social networking
  • Quick modeling turnaround in an Agile environment speeds development
  • Team UX/UI resource for"best practices", styling, tools, and features


Welcome Page

ICD was charged with creating an enterprise collaboration model focused on leveraging the intellectual and professional environment at Bell Labs. We needed to :

  • Focus on communication and collaboration
  • Communicate the value and ease of social networking to stakeholders
  • Improve styling and UI behaviors


Relationship Navigator

  • User-centric viewports across all feature areas and engineered in relevant cross-linking.
  • Formalize the webpart structure into a set of content areas and social networking features that could be invoked fluidly from anywhere in the system.
  • "Iconize" functionality for easy identification and comprehension
  • Make the interactive features of the site engaging and self explanatory (Welcome page, FAQ's and UI behaviors)
  • Highly integrated messaging
  • Workflow collaboration models
  • Present UX insights as part of the team's White Paper presentations.

Functional Map

Here's a "presentation-oriented" annotated wireframe for the Collaborative Developer's Workspace. It maps some of our approach to social networking for the enterprise.


Map of Social Networking UI Elements