The Communication Studio

International Women's Health

Zana Africa

This non-profit organization focuses on women's health & education issues in Africa - specifically targeted towards school-age girls in Kenya. Working pro bono through Taproot Foundation, I helped them re-organize their entire website presence, with an eye towards usability.

The Value Proposition

  • Mobile-ize the site
  • Goal-focus in order to reach target markets of Donors &Sponsors
  • Calls To Action for Donations, Social Medias
  • Templates: easy to self-manage & update


Zana's legacy website design had several problems, among them:

  • Too many menu headings; Collateral is scattered; Lack of cohesion
  • Not responsive or mobile-enabled
  • Graphically nice, but Poor messaging; too text-y
  • No reflection of customer paths; Allows self-service - but lacks guidance


The solution, as ever, is customer-centricity.

  • Target constituencies
  • Determine agenda
  • Map pathways