The Communication Studio

Community Recreation

Highlands Natural Pool

I had been a satisfied customer of this nearby recreation facility when it became clear that they needed some help with their community outreach. l like working pro bono with organizations that I respect.

The Value Proposition

  • Mobile-ize the site and modernize the imagery
  • Answer the day-trip needs of their audience
  • Focus on community and people
  • Cross-pollinate with other media and recreation resouces

Legacy Homepage


The legacy site design had several problems, among them:

  • Very old-fashioned website structure
  • Poor messaging; text-heavy,
  • No recognition of customer paths; "inside-out" design
  • Not responsive or mobile-enabled
  • Graphically & presentationally poor
  • Static format
  • No CTA's (calls to action)


Let's focus


Know who you're talking to - and what they want. Customers are there to swim and relax. Their experience of the pool is often as a day-trip. They want to know

  • What's it got?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do I get there?

There's a good chance that a fair number of customers are "walk-ins" - people who are already on the road and might discover Highlands. Mobile access is a necessity.


The current site offers the opportunity to join as a member, but does not make a particularly positive argument for it. Part of this is messaging and part of it is policy (i.e. content).


There is little integration across messaging platforms (s.a. website, print, facebook) or cross pollination among recreation facilities (s.a. the extensive and beautiful local hiking trails), or local businesses (s.a. food, lodging).


Also, the community who make HNP special should be a big part of the design: (testimonials, spotlight stories, the friendly staff, etc.) I was struck by how many people really love the Highlands Natural Pool.



The solution, as ever, is customer-centricity.

  • All the essential day-trip info iis on the homepage
  • Feature the pool's unique range of services (natural water source, location, family-friendly)
  • Bright, colorful design theme reinforces the natural in Highlands Natural Pool
  • Strong emphasis on community, activites, and people
  • Join Us call-to-action is always in view
  • Useful FAQ's are front-and-center

I provided detailed analysis, communicated with stakeholders, and delivered a working clickable prototype over the summer of 2015.