The Communication Studio

In-Bank Direct Sales

Prudential Insurance

Prudential already had an online public-facing website that allowed customers to apply for term life insurance in a self-service environment. The next phase was to provide an in-bank version of the web-based service which would allow client Bankers to assist their customers in buying term life insurance from their desk in the bank.

The Value Proposition


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Because of the complex Banker/Customer process in the in-bank environment, we needed to:

  • Identify workflow deltas between the customer self-service and banker-assisted models
  • Integrate the Banker-oriented application tofunction seamlessly with the existing public site
  • Reconcile Customer Acquisition with Post-Issue support,
  • Liaise with marketing designteam to deliver direct marketing messages
  • Stylistically seamless with the "public" customer self-service site


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"Across the board" services:

  • Identify, record and reconcile business needs that were unique to the in-Bank environment
  • Liaise with and identify stakeholders to resolve practical issues
  • Extensive prototype modeling (including task-oriented workflows)
  • Design management

Administrative Management

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TCS identified one of the unanticipated challenges of this project: Prudential needed to provide effective management tools for the Bank administrators.

We worked with the business side to help identify necessary business rules and then modeled a set of screens to handle these additional processes in a flexible, scalable fashion.