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So I worked with our local Cub Scout Pack a little while back - and in so doing soon rediscovered some of my community service roots (harking waaaay back to video documentaries and cable TV activism in the 70's). This is a neat little solution for a volunteer community service website.

The Value Proposition


Newsletter Page

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Leaders Page

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Volunteer service organizations are the backbone of our community. They must be supported, but that can be difficult - precisely because they are unfunded "volunteer" organizations.

As a Den Leader of our local Cub Scout Pack, I soon learned that one of our biggest headaches was communicating - >both internally among the organization leadership and out to our Scout families.

  • Updating new information
    Many different people were blasting out emails in all directions, with little accountability and no consistent way to respond or follow-up.
  • A central source for Information
    Parents of young children already juggle incredibly busy and complex schedules. We want our Scout families to have ready, easy access to everything Scout-related.
  • Constantly changing personnel
    A boy passes through Cub Scouts in only five years: The local Cub Scout Pack is run exclusively by parent volunteers. This means that the organization's leadership is in almost constant flux.
  • Recruitment and community presence
    Because of the constant turnover, there's an ongoing need to raise funds and bring in new Scouts.
  • Organizational Process
    Like many youth organizations, the Scouts now adhere to strict policies regarding safety and oversight. One of our biggest tasks is to make sure that Leaders and Parents have access to the necessary forms and documents.


In terms of style, we kept it simple - Just a few information areas with modest pictures.

  • Pack Calendar : quick, centralized access to a listing of all Pack Events with cross-links to relevant forms and documents.
  • Newsletter & Bulletin Board : a showcase for Pack announcements from the ScoutMaster and pictures from our scrapbook
  • A Directory of Leaders and committee roles is an easy way for parents and leaders to know who does what - and how to get in touch with them
  • A page for every Den, which allows the Den Leader to provide Scout Families with contact numbers, the Den meeting schedule and to outline upcoming activites.
  • Our FAQ's page quickly answers the most-commonly-asked questions
  • One-click access to appropriate forms and documents.