The Communication Studio

Mortgage Lending Services

Credit Suisse | First Boston

The primary focus of this project was to assess client needs and define the Scope of Work for the strategic redesign of existing B2B client-serving residential mortgage lending websites.

The Value Proposition

Challenges & Solutions

CSFB needed to develop strong brand identity, migrate three business lines to a common, integrated portal platform and roll out their web-based service as a private label that provides a “re-brand-able” business front-end for strategic partners.

CSFB Prototype Hompage Design

We analyzed CSFB's needs, identified gaps and "points of pain", proposed viable solutions and examined the competitive landscape. Our Scope of Work document laid out a project plan for:

  • Site Integration & reconciliation
  • improvements to Functionality
  • in-depth Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Profile
  • Cross-marketing with other CSFB Services
  • Packaging the service as a Private Label
  • Customer Support (Online/Embedded)
  • Sales Support and Deal Desk
  • “Back End” infrastructure
  • integration of Business lines