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Product Dealer Support


This international copier/printer company needed to make their web-based Dealer Order Management System both usable and competitive. Kyocera needed to provide real self-service to their extended dealer base in order to maintain a competitive presence in the marketplace.

The Value Proposition

Kyocera Order Management Form

Request a Return Authorization

Training Materials


The existing legacy application functioned in a technical sense, but was so poorly designed as to be practically unusable by the dealers. The primary challenge was to fix the legacy user interface design:

  • Capture workflows
  • Identify Business Requirements
  • Integrate with appropriate features
  • Design a usable, attractive service



Provided a clickable website model that conformed to the workflow and served as design guide for the development team.

We needed to integrate the focal service areas

  • Order Management (batch orders, tracking)
  • Manage Returns
  • Supervise Warranties
  • Train & Authorize Dealers
  • Maintain Client Accounts
  • Content Management