The Communication Studio

Public Electronic Signage


Telerate subsidiary Trans-Lux wanted to actively market their LED light "streamer" electronic signage boards (which only had 3 colors at that time) to selected niches.

The Value Proposition

Bars & Clubs Signage

Sports Signage

Bar Signage

Casino Signage

Winner Signage


The challenge was to design pages that would display gracefully within the constraints and abilities of the relatively crude LED displays (only 3 colors, limited local storage, simple animation tools, etc.)


We designed a suite of colorful, animated signage board snippets that were targeted to the market areas they'd selected:

    • Hotels
    • Sports venues
    • Financial centers
    • Travel industry
    • Bars

In addition to the custom pages we designed, Trans-Lux wanted us to provide tools and techniques that would make their products more usable and competitive:

  • easy updateability
  • transportability across their display platforms
  • reusable templates & clip art, fonts
  • animation modules

We introduced Trans-Lux to our TCS Textup Context Management System and Otto automation tools.