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NBC Teleltext

During the early 80's all of the major networks wanted to get on the interactive digital bandwagon, too. NBC was one of the first to test the waters.

The Value Proposition

Sports + ad

Fashion + ad

Kid's game

Gardening info (animation)


The quickest way for conventional TV broadcasters to enter the interactive arena was to "piggyback" digital pages in their broadcast signal, a technique known as "teletext". The Communication Studio designed a prototype 50-page broadcast Teletext magazine for NBC in 1983, so that the company could test and evaluate the new technology, which was delivered through your TV.


The magazine demonstrated advertising logos, animations, illustrations and even limited gaming. We provided page templates, on-site update and production support for the presentation of the service.

International Teletext

Later in the year we were sent to Mexico City to produce a Spanish-language version of the teletext magazine to present before the Organization of Iberian-American Broadcasters.

Animated Screen Display

These videos of the NBC Electronic Magazine were recorded in 1983, using the "browsers" of that time. Notice how the pictures draw element-by-element on the screen. Built-in animation was a big part of the "user experience" of early interactive products.

All of these animations were less than 2000 bytes.

NAB '83 convention main menu

NAB '83 convention ad

Convention Showcase

The teletext magazine we created for NBC was featured at the 1983 National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Los Angeles. To demonstrate the dynamic power of Teletext, we included in the live "magazine" a schedule of NAB events, a guide to local entertainment, as well as other features (above).