The Communication Studio

Cutting Edge Graphics Cards

Texas Instruments / Nice, France / Bedford, UK

Texas Instruments had a vested interest in ensuring that their new graphics technology products were competitive in the interactive business arena.

The Value Proposition

Example logos

Control panel

Color capabilities

Flight panel



I was brought in to work directly with Texas Instruments development teams. In 1983 I worked at their Research & Development Center in Rennes and Nice, France.

A year later I exercised the performance capabilities of their E-3500 graphic chipset at TI's advanced development facility in Bedford, England.


I worked directly with the technology research teams to develop a set of rudimentary graphical design tools with which to design screens that demonstrated the design capabilitiesof Texas Instrument's new graphical chipsets:

  • Logos
  • Color Range
  • Control Panel
  • Publishing

Texas Instruments wanted some "proof of concept" models that could show how the chipset might display complex control panels, though there was also an interest in print-quality graphics and animation.

Project work on-site in Nice, France, in the spring. Beautiful spot. Beautiful women. Great food.