The Communication Studio

Marketing Support Tools

IBM Marketing & ad agency

IBM Info Systems Group wanted to be able to use their own PC-Videotex decoder and SVS-1 minicomputer hosting system as direct marketing vehicles. In 1985 and 1986 they asked us to create several sites for them.

The Value Proposition

IBM InfoWindow package cover

PC Videotex package cover

Marketing Media

The challenge was to create a simple, straightforward direct marketing product that was simple enough for a salesman to operate, but still demonstrated the power of an interactive system.

  • richly cross-referenced
  • "step-by-step" billboarding
  • keyword access
  • global "Help" and "Directory" information

The graphics and page design were oriented toward the display capabilities of the EGA card, and included palette control, animation, extensive overlay display, macro management, and other Elemental Database design techniques.

Product Packaging

During that same period IBM also asked us to work with Compton Advertising to provide electronic screen graphics that were used to illustrate their InfoWindow and PC/Videotex product packages.