The Communication Studio

Point of Sale Videodisk

Sony / Ford

Consumer technology leader Sony wanted to model the potential for enhancing full-motion, high resolution videodisc images with dynamically-updatable graphics and interactive navigation.

The Value Proposition

Challenges & Solutions

The Communication Studio created a direct marketing prototype for Ford Motor Company based on the Sony videodisc player.

Motorbike features

Store directions map

Toy catalog

We demonstrated:

  • Interactive Tour of product features
  • Mapping overlays
  • Electronic Catalog
  • Order Entry

We provided graphics, software applications, navigation and screen linkages for Sony's full-motion videodisc "site". TCS integrated a touch-sensitive screen display device as the user interface.


Design Productivity Tools & Consultation

We licensed our Textup Context Management System and other tools to Sony for use in developing interactive products for videodisk that could be dynamically updated using online systems.