The Communication Studio

Amsterdam production of "Hair"

Spotlight Operator & Roadie: Spring/Summer of 1971

Spotlight operator for the Amsterdam, Holland, production of the pop musical. S*X & DR*GS & R*CK & R*LL. Wheeeeee!

The Value Proposition

We were Young
We were Thin
We Had lots of Hair

Can't remember a lot,
but it sure was fun.

By the early 70's the runaway counter-cultural musical hit "Hair" had dozens of productions around the world.

Karma, luck - or whatever - I got to hang around an international cast of hotties.

  • And got paid for it.
  • In Amsterdam, no less.
  • Lived on a houseboat.
  • Out of a backpack.
  • Life was a party.

Girlfriend(s) in pic below: 3rd from left, top & bottom (heh heh)

In pic below: David Seyforth as "Woof"

In pic below: the Ensemble, friends