The Communication Studio

MIT: Arts and The Media Lab

The Architecture Machine Group

I was fortunate to be living in the Cambridge MA area in the mid-70's. As a community cable TV activist and new media wannabe, I often hung out around the emerging technology scene at MIT, specifically The Architecture Machine group, which later emerged under Nicholas Negroponte's visionary leadership as The Media Lab.

The Value Proposition

  • MIT Arts Program (1976) Film Animation Assistant Instructor at the University Film Study Center workshops at Hampshire College, MA.
  • Worked on the Video Production team, documenting academic and technical lectures (for $3 an hour, as I remember)
  • Hung out at MIT's Architecture Machine Group (ArcMac), which was later re-branded as The Media Lab by Nicholas Negroponte. Interesting stuff:
  • Produced Video/Dance workshops, Served as technical director
  • Took Technical Courses in Video Technology