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Children's TV Show

Lisberger Ladd Animation Studio

Animator for "Make a Wish", a children's program that aired on ABC. This was probably my first real (i.e. paid-to-be-a-professional) media job.

The Value Proposition

Make a Wish



Animate It

I created short animation snippets for the show at newly-formed Lisberger-Ladd Studio in Boston. We were to take a word or phrase and animate it.

My word was "mark". My cartoon snippets included

"Hit the mark"

An archer strains mightily to pull back his bow, releases it and .... (camera pan-zooms to the target) he is impaled head-first in the bullseye.

"Mark Antony"

Stands before a crowd and orates, "Friends, Romans, countrymen - Lend me your ears!". He is immediately showered with a flurry of ears.


A book laying on a desk opens, the bookmark slides out, puts on glasses, and starts reading (For a brief moment the title of the book appears: "Marx")

Et cetera...

I'd met Steven Lisberger a couple of years previously while in college. He went on to become a successful animation director, creating the groundbreaking video-game-based feature animation for Disney: "TRON"